17-22 July 2016
Master Cutlers Hall
Europe/London timezone

Prediction of the existence of an other Universe which may correlate with WMAP data and supported by Planck measurements

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Master Cutlers Hall

Master Cutlers Hall

Sheffield, UK


Dr. Zoltan Arvay (SBC Cluster)


In our preceding publication we have provided an improved symmetric model of DWT for Big Bang and investigated how it fits to experimental findings. We have concluded that the visible, dark, total matter and dark energy content ratios in percentages of the world are 5, 21, 26, 74.These theoretical predictions having 15% relative deviation fit to the WMAP data (5,22,27,73). Taking into account the Planck experimental data for CMB power spectra we can see a more asymmetric scenario. To achieve better fit we have to suppose a double Big Bang event where our Universe and with about 1/3 total energy content an other smaller one universe was created. These considerations provide in our model the ratios of 6, 24, 32, 68 for visible, dark matter, matter and dark energy, respectively. The Planck experimental data from CMB power spectra are 5, 27, 32, 68 percents, respectively. If there were no other universe emitted in Big Bang the experiemental ratios would be by our model: 5-6, 15-18, 20-24, 76-80 percents, respectively. We can say that already WMAP data showed slight indication for the presence of an other universe in Big Bang, but the more accurate Planck measurements emphasized this possibility. Recently we do not observe an other universe in our one, they most probably had separated during the inflationary process. Taking into account an other independent measurement for thermal fluctuation distribution of CMB provides further support of our prediction and may provide additional details of the born of the other baby universe. The anomalous temperature fluctuation spectra of WMAP were supported by more accurate measurements of Planck experiment. It is the existence of a warmer region in the Southern Hemisphere with a Cold Spot. This is also in strong coincidence with our theoretical prediction of existence an other Universe, which we call VILLAZ. Even these findings tell us that in the Eridanus super void direction can be the region of the overlapping merge of the two universes before the smaller one left our one and took some small material of which remnant is the Eridanus super void with smaller temperature. This can indicate that supposing simultaneos birth the smaller universe could became more supercooled during inflation or gravitation atttraction also could play role when disconnected our larger universe leaving a void in the structure. The void was about 3 % of our Universe and 8% energy-matter contribution to the other universe. If this concern is right the VILLAZ already left our universe during inflation process. The warmer region can be explained by the heating effect of merging of two universes during the Inflation epoch. In case of simutaneous origin this phenomenon helps to get some specific ideas for the initial conditions of the Bigbang. In this case we get 5 % and 26 % and 32 % and 68 % for the characteristic data in good agreement with Planck measurements. A double Big Bang can be interesting to discuss in the frame of the Inflation scenario.

Primary author

Dr. Zoltan Arvay (SBC Cluster)

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